A few references

For the moment just  a few references in relation to the topic we shortly discussed on Friday: the idea that  literature  might be seen as a repository for outdated scientific ideas, that have been banned by actual science. Tuur already developped such a view, as he told us.

For those who read Dutch, there is an interesting article by Lies Wesseling, ‘Nosferatu. Over literatuur, wetenschap en historische traditie’, Tijdschrift voor literatuurwetenschap 1 (1996), 251-265. It could be an idea for Tuur or Rick to gen up our group as a whole on this article, that could – on a more general level – be very helpful to everyone.

For those who read German: W. Lepenies, ‘Der Wissenschaftler als Autor. Über konservierende Funktionen in der Literatur, in: Akzente.  Zeitschrift für Dichtung 2 (1978), 129-147.

In the article by Wesseling mentioned above, you will find references to e.g. George Levine (ed.), One culture. Essays in science and literature. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 1987. F. Amrine (ed.), Literature and science as modes of expression. Boston studies in the philosophy of science. Dordrecht: Kluwer, 1989.

Discussing relations between poetry and science, I mentioned the name of the Dutch-American poet and biochemist Leo Vroman. On his work is my short article in English: ‘Meaningful surfaces’  in: B.L. Spahr, Th.F. Shannon e.a. (ed.), Vantage points. Festschrift for Johan P. Snapper. Lanham, New York, London: University Press of America, 1996, 157-165.

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